Admission for the Year 2021-22

Success Stories

Read More Kavita Seetaram Kuradiya - X -Ray technician

Kavita is working as X Ray technician at Way2 health diagnostic centre at seawoods, New Mumbai.She is earning Rs. 10000/‐ as monthly salary. Due to poor financial condition and mother’s illnessKavita took admission in Gyan Vikas Hindi Night school. Masoom provided her nutrition and alleducational material as well as SSC support till she completed SSC. With help of Masoom she did Ms‐CIT, APCC courses. As part of the career cell scholarship support; she was provided financial help to do “X‐Ray Technician course” from Grandur Institute, Kurla. She completed this course in September2018. Now that she is confident of her capacities and is aware of opportunities in Health sector; shewants to do a specialized course to become “Advance Dialysis Technician.”Read More


Anita left the village as she was not ready for marriage arranged by her parents. She had a supportof her elder sister. Anita met the head master of Night school and expressed her desire to enrol asshe went to drop her niece to the day school in the same building. The HM proactively wrote to hervillage and got her leaving certificate. Anita was admitted to school in 8th grade in June 2016; in RamManohar Lohiya Night School. Anita was introduced to Masoom in the night school. The MasoomProgramme manager helped her adjust to the school environment; encouraged her to mix withclassmates and make friends. The bridge course of Masoom was like revision of Math and English.Masoom provided her nutrition and other support under SSC program. She passed in SSC examconducted in March 2019. She has taken admission in Night College in 11th grade.Read More

Bhagyanarayan Sitram Sahani - Automotive Body Paint

Bhagyanarayan has successfully completed one‐year certificate in Automotive Body Paint from DonBosco Institute in Mumbai. He is currently working at AFC Asian Club Ltd., Dubai as a “painter” andearns 2500 Dirhams (Rupees  48,595.32 /-) per month.
Bhagyanarayan migrated to Mumbai because of poverty in village. He started working but alwayshad a desire to study. He took admission in BVM night school but he failed in SSC exam. Masoomhad provided him support in the school. After SSC results Career Cell counsellors had conversationwith him regarding his future. Bhagyanarayan showed interest in Automotive Painting. Masoomsupported him by paying 90% of the fees of “Automotive Body Paint” course from Don BoscoInstitute.Read More

Karan Kumar

Presently Karankumar is working in Kotak Foundation as business development executive. He earns30,000/‐ Per month. Before joining Kotak, he was working in HDFC LIFE with a salary 18,000/‐Karankumar was supported by Masoom Career Cell to do ”Professional Program of ComputerApplication“ from Aakar Institute. Karankumar is alumni of Dnyan Vikas Hindi Night School – Kurla.He has received support from Masoom during 8th to 10th grade. He always believed that “educationis the only way for him to earn respect and upgrade his standard of living.Read More